Most of the parts available on my website require advanced skill to install on your build. Fabrication or modification of them may be required due to the broad range of applications to which they are suited. Be sure to use appropriate protection when working with tools or chemicals which represent a potential threat to your personal well-being.

O-CLA1-32  Single Line Fuel Clamp Set (32 pieces) $10.00

O-CLA-2-32  Dual Line Fuel Clamp Set (32 pieces)  $10.00

O-DCC-2  Dragster Cockpit Control Set  $7.00

This set of pieces includes two butterfly steering wheels with separate grips, two hand brake levers with grips, two accelerator pedals with two separate toe loops and several levers that can be used for fuel shutoff, parachute release, or undoubtedly several other uses.

O-FUE-S Fuel Cell Set with PE Detail (2)  $5.00
This package includes two resin fuel cells with PE rings and latch detail.

O-N2O-BOT-2 Nitrous Bottles, CNC-Machined Aluminum w/Valves, Pr  $14.00
This package includes two CNC machined aluminum 10 lb nitrous bottles, plus two 3D-printed valves.  Bottles are ~.280" in diameter.

N2O-LAY-1 Single N2O Bottle/Bracket/Valve, Lay Down Style  $10.00
This 10 lb nitrous bottle, valve and bracket replicate the style that are often mounted in the trunk of street and race cars.  The PE bracket sides fold down to provide an angular mounting configuration and the bottle holder ends fold up.  Although not shown, this item is now includes a CNC machined aluminum bottle, 3D-printed valve/gauge.

O-N2O-UPR-S Dual Upright N2O Bottle/Bracket/Valve Set  $20.00
This package includes a 3D-printed dual, upright bottle bracket that includes simulated tightening knobs, "lightened" framing and bottle supports.  Also included are two CNC aluminum bottles and 3D-printed valves/gauges.  The brackets are fragile, due to their being 3D-printed, so caution must be exercised when handling them.

O-SEA-2 Poly Racing Bucket Seats (2)  Out of Stock!
These seats are vintage 70's pieces and have been cast with reliefs in each side and in the upper back to allow seat belts to fit through them.

O-STW-1 Steering Wheel Kit  $4.00
Multi-media steering wheel kit.  Wheel grip is 3D-printed and will be sold as either printed or resin, depending on availability.  Three-spoke wheel center is photo etched and replicates Grant performance #673.