Most of the parts available on my website require advanced skill to install on your build. Fabrication or modification of them may be required due to the broad range of applications to which they are suited. Be sure to use appropriate protection when working with tools or chemicals which represent a potential threat to your personal well-being.

PRODUCT DELIVERY - Besides creating some of the most detailed parts available, my focus is on offering many of those parts in packages/kits. My intention is to ship products within one week's time.  If things get busy or life gets in the way, please allow up to a month for delivery (subject to change)I pray that you will be patient as I start this website.  My desire for having everything "just right" has been a real impediment to getting it published. I will contact buyers if expected delivery is significantly past estimated delivery time.

PRODUCT AVAILABILITY - Available products will have an Add to Cart button next to their picture.  Products with a picture but no button are developed but not currently available. If only a text description is shown, the product is still in development.

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Just In!:

Dyno Don Nicholson decals for his 1978 #1 Fairmont and 1979 #205 Fairmont

Bob Glidden decals for his 1978 #2 Fairmont and #1 decals for his 1981 Fairmont

Fairmont/Zephyr pro stock chassis pan

**Fairmont pro stock body with squared out rear wheel well openings (see '80-81 Bob Glidden Fairmont) will be available for shipment by early-mid November

Recently added products:

Mickey Thompson Sportsman Big 'n Little tire set

3D-mastered 14x32-15 slicks

3D-mastered 16x33-16 slicks

1/16th scale Holley Dominators - 2 styles! one-piece resin cast carb and multi-piece casting for extra detail!

Single N2O bottle, lay-down

Fairmont forward frame rail

Fairmont central frame rail

Universal central frame rail

"In the works"

1/25th parts include:

Fairmont stock body with separate hood, cowl panel, bumpers - ON HOLD

2010+ Mustang Pro Stock body

1957 Ford Custom 300 Sedan Pro Mod body

N2O bottles and valves

N2O tank brackets (PE)

Vintage style of wheelie bars

Strange Ultra 4-Link Pro Mod/Pro Stock rear end housing

Multi-media ladder bar set with 3D ladder bars, RB Motion rod ends and PE brackets

Coming soon!

CNC machined 6061 aluminum wheel outer rims with photo-etched center inserts.  Front wheels fit R-M and my frontrunner tires.  Rear rims are 1/24th scale.  Front wheel centers will replicate Weld AlumaStar 2.0, Magnum 2.0 and Billet Specialties Comp 5.  Rear wheel centers will replicate the aforementioned three, plus Weld V-Series.

1/16th parts include:

Strut front end kit

Coil-over kit

N2O 10lb bottles and valves

N2O upright bracket sets (PE)

Strange Ultra 4-Link Pro Mod/Pro Stock rear end housing kit

Multi-media 4-link kit

Fabricated rear end housing kit

1/8th parts:

Holley Dominator carburetors, multi-piece