Welcome to Futurattraction Scale Products!

This web site was developed out of my lifelong interest in cars; especially Ford products. I currently own a 1979 Fairmont Futura sport coupe, which was, in large part, the inspiration for this site.

I began wondering a few years ago if any model companies had ever produced a scale Fairmont.  I'd never seen one in stores, so the only remaining possibility was if one was offered as a promo in dealerships.  After some research, I concluded they weren't.  Thus began a challenge to myself.  Could I build one?  I decided if I messed up a couple of simple pieces like the grille or hood, I had no business trying to do anything more and I'd let the project drop.  Surprisingly, they turned out more or less as I envisioned them.  That was in the Fall of 2005...

Shared pics on a few model car forums and some very nice compliments along the way have inspired me to keep going.  Interest shown by many to purchase resin reproductions was a significant motivation, as was my desire to see the project through.  My "love affair" with Fairmonts and Bob Glidden's success in pro stock in the late 70s and early 80s inspired me to take the whole Fairmont process a step further (severaI, actually) to develop several parts packages that are 70s-inspired.  I know God has blessed me with the time, patience, hand-eye coordination, problem solving skills and creativity to accomplish this project.  If anyone needs proof that the Lord has had His hand in this endeavor, you need only know this:  Ford Motor Company granted me permission to reproduce and sell my model - one of the most recognized corporations in the world granting one individual an opportunity of a lifetime.  In my mind that is miraculous in and of itself!

I'm not retired, and am still maintaining a 40+ hour/wk job, so I hope you'll keep in mind that this is a "hobby job" when ordering.  See the Products page to read more about parts availability, expected delivery times, product development, etc.  I will do my best to keep visitors to the site apprised of parts availability.  Please contact me if you discover any issues, especially if you're trying to order and encounter problems.  My e-mail address is scott@futurattraction.com. In the meantime I'll keep working on odds and ends to flesh out parts of the site.


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